How to play craps online?

Latest update 10 June 2024
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There is no doubt that going to casinos is surely a pocket full of fun. But what if you can get the same offer in your bedroom’s comfort, without any hesitation of getting dressed for the people you barely know. The offer is not bad, right? Craps is a game having origins from North America. It is a game of dice and luck. You bet on the outcomes of the rolling dice. Money can be wagered against the co-players or directly against the bank. In the short term, it is a game of fun and excitement where you can bet on your luck by rolling the dice in your hands.

Many online casinos sites are now adding up the new casino games on their sites to enhance your gambling experience on a bounded screen. Online craps gambling will grant you the option to join for free or be a regular member of their gaming group. No doubt, these casino sites have gained tremendous boost during the covid times. Now, craps are not limited to regular casino players only. It is reaching a large audience belonging outside the regular casino world for their new experiences.

Some of the caps online casino sites are 

  • Casino days
  • Mega rush
  • Hello casino
  • Fun88
  • Europa casino

Craps game online

Yes, you are heard right. Craps, your favorite casino game, is boosting the new online casino sites. The online gambling world is now experimenting with different aspects of craps. They are folding the same fold of joy for you away from the real-world casinos.

Online craps have different platforms for you to try your luck on. Starting from daily challenges to weekly bonuses and monthly upgrades meant all are part of the scheme of the gambling world. 


What are online craps?

Now you can experience a nutshell craps on the online casino site world. It is bringing the same level of the adrenaline rush of the game right straight to you without any extra cost. However, in real-world casinos, many casino tables are limited in providing the versions of craps. This restriction has been eradicated from the online gambling world. As here, you can go for your favorite version, all combined in a single table within reach of your hands.


Craps is a gambling game consisting of a casino table, two dice, board, and chips to roll bets. The maximum number of players to play simultaneously is twenty. All the leading players are waiting for their chance to roll the dice and be the “Shooter” of the game. You, being a shooter, will roll the dice and then go to guess the correct outcome of your rolling luck. Different outcomes and your guessing have different meanings in the game.

There is a man named “Hitman” who manages your casino table while playing. He will handle each player’s bet and give the instructions for your craps game to play. Before starting the game, your hitman will give you the option of five dice in front of you. From which, you will choose any two of them and will start the game by rolling your luck with them.

You and other players will make a bet on the outcome of the rolling dice name as “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass line.” The final dice number will decide the win n loss of the particular round for the bet.

Phases of Round

Each round for the game has two phases: “come out” and “point.” The shooter will make come-out rolls to start the game. You need to make sure that your dice hit the farthest back wall of the table. Both the dice must be rolled simultaneously, or else your chance will be evicted.

The outcome of rolling the dice 

The outcome of the rolling dice is the final fortune teller of your bet. Different numbers have a different fortune for your gambling. The outcome of numbers 2, 3, or 12 is called “Craps” or “Crapping out.” With this outcome, players betting on the pass line will lose. The same outcome will lead to a winning step for the players betting on the don’t pass line. 

The shooter will again roll the dice for the new betting. Here a came-out roll of seven and eleven are “Neutral,” where the pass line will win and opposite to it will lose.

Other possible outcomes for the come-out roll are 4, 5,6, 8, 9, 10. If you roll any of these numbers, it will lead to the establishment of “Point.” You will again provide a chance to roll the dice for your luck.

If your game is set on the level of ‘point,’ then no multi-roll bets either the don’t pass line, or the pass line is affected by 2, 3, 11, or 12. Betting on any specific number or the number seven will change the round after this point. Single roll bet on any number will always be affected by the outcome of the rolling dice. This is the simple win-and-lose game for a specific number after that.

If your rolling dice are stuck with the number seven and keep on repeating the same value that is seven, then the players betting on the don’t pass line will win, and a new shooter will be elected for the game.

All your co-players with you can make a bet on the pass and don’t pass line until a point has not been established. Players are free to remove or reduce their respective bets at any point in the game, except the don’t pass line one. This specific feature in the game of craps is named “taking it down in craps.”

For your game of craps, your betting limit will be decided by the table you choose to play. Each casino table for craps has its minimum and maximum range of betting. You and your co-players can only bet within the limits of the table range. However, for the single roll bets, betting can be done lower than the minimum range fall, But the maximum bet will always fall for numbers lower than the maximum.

In all the betting patterns, there is a simple rule whenever the pass lines win and don’t pass line will lose. Contradiction to this part, if the dice rolls 12 on the came out roll, this leads to the loss of pass line bets, and the don’t pass bets fall on a neutral state. No winning and no losing.

Names of rolls

Each rolling number in the craps is given a special name in the game. Hitman uses this phrase for every roll you and your other co-players to make your craps betting game more fun.

  • Two are called “snakey eyes” as they resemble the eyes of a snake.
  • Three is typically denoted as “three craps three” for the dice
  • Four is usually hard to get; that’s why it is called “Little joe on the front row.”
  • Five is generally called “no field five”; thus, no field bets will be made.
  • Six is referred to as “Jimmie hicks from the sticks” to make it look more like a rhyme.
  • Seven is always a winner number, so it is called “Front line winner.”
  • Eight is easy to come on its way, so-called “easy eight.”
  • Nine is the “centerfield nine,” as the table shows the number in the center.
  • Ten out of ten is hard to get, so the name “Hard ten.”
  • Eleven is “yo-leven,” to make it clear with seven.
  • Twelve appear as “boxcars.” On this number, the hitman will loudly exclaim as “triple” with excitement.
  • The remaining rolls with the numbers 4, 6, 8, 10 have general denotations of “easy” and “hard.”

Types of wagers

  • Line bets
  • Pass line
  • Don’t pass
  • Pass odds
  • Don’t pass odds 
  • Come bets
  • Don’t come bets
  • Multi roll bets.

All these betting styles of craps have different rules and carry different styles of playing. You can go for your favorite betting style to bet on the rolling luck in craps.

Winning potential

The carp’s game is a game of luck rolling with the numbers to bet on. The Probability of winning with your lucky dice is 50-50. As the old sayings go, “practice makes the man perfect.”, Same rule is followed by the game. 

As the player keeps chasing the luck with its rolling dice by altering the strategies, you can get closer to the ladder of winning in the game. Rest all depends on the luck and the magic of the rolling dice in your hands.


Some chief strategies can outshine you from the crowd of your co-players. Always keep in mind to minimize the house edge as much as you can. This rule always works for the high -stake – players. Increased Edge house can cost you the loss of 17-18% on a single bet. It’s too much to face in a game. So always go for the don’t pass line as it has a profit of low house edge. 

The next gamble is on betting style. You can bet on the numbers 5, 6, 8, 9. Betting on these numbers can add up a good amount of stake in your box. 

If you want to bet on the cheapest set of numbers, then go for 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12. This will lead you to fall on the winning panel except for the value of 7

keeping aside all the strategies, the game craps are the head of gambling casinos. All the playing experience so far will not do any miracles in the game. You can only rely on your luck to win the craps. Rest is not at all assured with any strategies or game planning.

Variations of the game

The game has different aspects according to the bets or the rules and other means. Different casinos play on different variations of the same craps game. Some of the famous alterations are-

Crape lesser carps

This variation is the boom for you and co-players. It is practically impossible for you to fall on the losing side. This variation will make you win.

Simplified craps

Only one chance of dice will be thrown by a shooter. If a total of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 is thrown, the player wins. However, if a total of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 is thrown, the player’s bet is lost.

High point crabs

Craps number 2, 3 are completely ignored in the came-out roll. You will get another throw to try your luck again. You will directly win if you succeed in throwing 11 or 12.

Die Rich craps

The most exciting variation and easy to play among all craps games.

You will directly win on the number 6 in the came-out roll and lose on number 1. After the point is established, the player is given three more rolls to try and hit the point number once again without rolling a 1. If they fail to do that, the die is passed to the next player, and the game starts from the beginning.

Where can you play crabs with real money?

Craps is an easy-going game with the variations needed to make it fall into the interesting category. Online casino sites made it easy for you to bet with the virtual chips in the game. Moreover, for the regular craps players, the premium part of the casino sites will give you an option to go for real money betting in the game.

You will exchange your chips with the money you bet on that particular round. Winning the bet will lead to adding on chips in your panel that can be redeemed after the end of the whole game. 

The sites mentioned above in the article are perfect for trying new online craps betting experiences for real money. Casino sites use easy and safest methods of transfer, which are approachable to all. 

Craps is the game of a new era. It has something unique to offer with different variations to the regular audience of the casino. Find the Best Online casino In India for craps in India.